Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 1: Osorno - Bariloche

We wanted to leave just after breakfast today but ended up leaving almost at 10:00, after breakfast. We realized that we were not that ready to leave and that organizing the baggage is a work of magic! Finally, we managed to attach all the bags to the motorbikes and were ready for our 1st day of adventure.

We left Osorno and drove towards the Parque Nacional Puyehue. We were astonished by the landscape: white ashes and green trees surrounding a volcan that blew 40 years ago.

We stopped at Villa Angustura for a quick lunch and headed to the beach. The water was cold (cold for the boys, just right for Isabel!) but it was worthwhile since the day was hot.
We then left the beach after an energizing drink to motivate ourselves to get back into the hot motorcycle cloths and then  back to the asphalt. The landscape was wonderful and at times, very close to what we can see in Switzerland: mountain, lake & snow, but not quite: the lake's color changed in between a range of amazing deep blue and turquoise and was a beautiful contrast next to near arid-white mountains jumping out of the water. At some other times, it was like being in Mars.

We arrived in Bariloche: the town was a mixture of a Walt Disney village and American style houses filled with chocolate specialties. It was difficult to feel reality.

Coming back down to Earth we headed for a well deserved dinner with a lot of Argentinean meat: 1kg Argentinian cow (see below) for Miji and 600g shared in between Hadrien and Isabel!

The drive was smooth today and no accident so far. Well just two little things:
1) Hadrien managed to lost one luggage by bumping into Mijail's motorbike - this almost made Miji and Isabel fall - right in front of the boarder check. You should have seen the face on the border's agent, she was like "que le pasa???", and Miji with big eyes was like "No lo se!?". The fact is that we were supposed to give our number plates, and Hadrien wanted to go in front to let us read his, so he gave full gas! He didn't realize how large his motorbike was. Isabel gave him some Coordinol tablets and everything was fine afterwards.
2) At the gas station, tanks were full, we were getting ready to leave and  Hadrien drops his motorbike next to a nice shiny black SUV. It was a slow drop, but not slow enough to give people the time to react, in particular the truck owner, who was just next to the scenario. He was paralyzed, looking at this huuuuge BMW falling towards his pick-up. The face of the guy: priceless! Luckily though, Hadrien didn't touch the truck and we all ended up laughing (for Hadrien it seemed to be a natural thing!). Incredible for the Argentinians is they always come and help and also just laugh with you.

Hadrien promised to get better and better each day... We'll see.


  1. Dear Hadrien,
    as your friend I am telling you to have fun and enjoy as much as you can.
    Free yourself from the frustration of the Swiss speed-limits!!!
    As your direct boss I am telling you to be VERY careful as I need you back!!!

    Anonymous (!?!)

  2. Wow Isa you already found a lake!! :)

  3. Wow - great pictures!
    The lake looks amazing -- and I'd love to taste how the chocolate tastes like.
    @Isa: I'm sorry for the guys.You should have packed the boat for them ;>

  4. about this 1kg of meat:
    it sounds like a lot before cooking, but it always vanishes during the process.

    I can so understand Miji's choice, and I feel for Isa and Hadrien who had to share 600g.


  5. Mmmm - Alto el Fuego: My personal favorite !!!