Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 12: Cerro Sombrero – Ushuaia

We had been told that the wind would be strong again in the afternoon today, so we had a great motivation to rise early and get out of this dormitory village. To be super efficient Isa went to bed almost fully clothed and slept with her handbag next to her (also to feel saver). During the night, the TV was on, workers were talking and smoking, so our night was short!

Just before leaving we took a last pic with Daniel and Julian; they headed north while we had 150km of gravel to the south to reach the border.We were on the road at 8:40! What a record! You can also spot Dori's bike on the left, it's an old pink BMW R 80 GS that she had named "La Compañera".

Once arrived at the border, we got stuck with a Chilean border control. Since we had so many visa stamps on our passports - we have crossed the border 4 times already - they checked everything and found out that we had the wrong stamps (some "entradas" instead of "salidas"). So they called every border we had been to check with them. One hour later, we left and went to the Argentinean border: it took only 10 min.

We continued to Rio Grande for a gas-and-food stop. Once we were all filled up, we were ready to attack the last 2 hours that would bring us to Ushuaia!!

We were astonished by the change of landscape: it was dry, brown, rocky on the north part of Tierra del Fuego but close to Ushuaia, everything became mountainous, green, fertile and colder!

After going over the Andes on last time, via el paso Garibaldi, and just after our counters showed 4'000 kms of traveling, we finally arrived to Ushuaia!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!! El fin del mundo, here we are!!!!

We found our pretty place to sleep for the next two nights in the middle of the trees (where a rare species of monkeys could be seen).


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